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love languages dating app

The five love languages describe how you like to give and receive love. They are: quality time, words of affirmation, touch, acts of service, and giving gifts. Giving and receiving are matched up between people and, voilà, hi-dating-etc.


Apple Cider Vinegar Shooters in biodegradable packaging

I like the taste these days.

I like the taste these days.

We’re not entitled to like everything
we eat.
— Fat Mike

Job search by Myers Briggs type


Sub-idea, dating search by Myers Briggs??

Fight Cubby 

Like a phone booth with a punching bag. Maybe you put in a quarter and the money goes to meditation resources for the public. Meditation cubby?



An older woman told me about how back in her day, they used to wear brooches or pins in certain spots to signal their relationship status. The first definition of swipe  isa “sweeping blow or stroke." Wearing a brooch is much more exciting and beautiful. And what are we going to do with all those brooches anyway?

 Holographic eBay dressing room

Chances are something already exists that meets your needs, and maybe exceeds them. Clothing is one example of a huge creation of waste. I needed eyeglasses recently, and thought of all the beautiful ones I saw that people couldn’t love because how the hell do you buy glasses online. eBay had an income of $2.265 billion dollars in 2017, I’d say at the very least they could check in on it.




Once, I yawned and an archivist said there should be a "bless you" for a yawn, a solidarity and acknowledgement of our mortality. Samael was the angel of death—giving us the great sleep before the yawn. We’re all going to die. Why not give it a nod here and there. Besides, it seems polite to say something to someone when they make a silly face.


 Sponsor A Sad

Being sad makes everything harder, especially making money, which is what we’ve chosen to go with for now. Here is a depressing article about how basic income is a mental health issue. I'm sure you know someone who experiences behavioral health issues. Imagine a world that allowed you to be sad, that even supported this.

Like people sponspor people in other countries, or micro loans, this is a way for A Sad (depressed, manic, mixed, psychotic, blue, black dog, etc) to get some resources to help with their time and needs. I don’t think the answer is to rely on the government, but of each other, because we are the ones who know what it is like. Maybe there is a chat app, or a pop up everyone in a while that asks how you’re doing. If you are doing well, then it asks you to give a buck or two. One of the hardest parts about being In It, is time. It is difficult enough to deal with those emotions, and it is another to be poor alongside it. Healing takes time, time takes money (ugh). A few bucks could give someone an afternoon in the sun, or a long bath, or sleeeeeeeep.


Wife Eaters

You’ve heard of wife beaters. They are called wife beaters, and everyone complains about the name, but what to do? New name: wife eaters. Let’s promote the right thing.



I live in a place where the population will double within 15ish years. My family has lived in this land since before it was America, and before it was New Spain. With the increase in prices of everything, it feels like I will never be able to afford to buy a home in my home, a longstanding dream of this Taurus. The bottom two levels of needs from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs are rest, food, water, warmth. The next is shelter and safety. There is freedom in the steady.

Plot twist, the ___insert tribe name here___ American Indians are the owners of the company. This land was taken over and over again. What better way than to return control of it to the people who were here first.



Yours, Maya