Dress-Up with Bailey

Dress-Up is the best game I know. Bailey is the best 7th grader I know. Bailey is down.  He's down to rock a wicker hat, down for an adventure or a new instrument in band. He says, "that's chill" a lot. He calls almost everything fun. I want to be more like Bailey. We played dress up sharing each other's clothes because, because.

BAILEY: Maya's silk chartreuse top and Jesus bag; his mud boots and mom's skirt

MAYA: Bailey's parrot shirt; her silk beaded dress and sneakers 

Everything would be better if people didn’t have opinions.
— Bailey

BAILEY: Maya's wicker hat, space sandals, foamy crop top and league jacket; his cargo pants

MAYA: Bailey's monkey shirt, wool coat and Converse sneakers; her Stevie Nicks pants


Favorite Bailey text


BAILEY: Maya's blazer and belt; his mesh sports crop-top and man's pants

BAILEY: Maya's silk scrap, carnival pants and hand basket; his Lyric shirt and sneakers

MAYA: Bailey's button cap and ancient marching band bolero; her Hawaii jumpsuit and sneakers  

"Magenta is the silliest color I know. Other than nerple." -B

"What's "nerple"? - Me

"It's a secret." -B

BAILEY: Maya's nurse's romper, his cape and necklace; Bailey's braids by Wildrose Hamilton.

MAYA: Bailey's cape and mega-wellies, her dress.